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Phoenix Films Inc. is the pioneer plastic film distribution company in the United States flexible packaging industry. Phoenix, since 1970, has been involved in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and sale of raw plastic films and aluminum foils. Manufacturing is performed by affiliated plastic film and foil plants located in North America, Asia and Western Europe. Marketing and sales are directed toward food packaging, electronic, industrial, and graphic arts customers, located throughout the world. The company maintains a broad product line and an active product development program to insure the continuing competitive position of its products.

Operations are headquartered in Florida for administration, central order processing and customer service. Local sales offices are maintained by the company's representatives in locations throughout North and South America.

Since 1970, the company's major sales efforts have involved the development and distribution of Asian manufactured nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and PVDC films. In1991, polyester films from Europe and the USA manufactured polyolefin films were added to the product line. During 1993, U.S. produced coextruded films, Indonesian polypropylene and acrylonitrile films were added to offer customers new high barrier packaging materials. These high technology products are marketed by Phoenix' sales representatives to plastic film converters and direct users in the United States and around the world. All films are specially manufactured to customer orders and produced within four to six weeks after receipt of order. In addition, ultra light aluminum foils and paper laminated foils are sold by Phoenix and its international sales organization.

Phoenix sales and marketing personnel have more than 425 years of combined packaging films experience. These accomplished people competently address the needs of our customers in packaging, coating, laminating and electronics applications.

Phoenix prides itself on properly identifying customers' needs and satisfying their many diverse plastic materials requirements. The company is not restricted to selling one particular polymer film type. We are therefore able to deliver what each customer needs and not what a single producing plant or product line restrictively offers. This broad based business strategy enables Phoenix to provide the proper film for a particular application.

During the last 25 years Phoenix has required an in depth knowledge of the many markets for plastic film, including transparent, opaque and metallized types. Applying this knowledge to satisfy our customers' needs has enabled Phoenix Films to grow into a multi-million dollar company.



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