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Phoenix "PET-M E7075" is a high barrier, metallized, biaxially oriented polyester film with high adhesion chemical pre-treatment beneath the metal surface and corona treatment on the non metallized side.. This metallized PET film offers improved metal adhesion and excellent gas, moisture and light barrier properties on a abase sheet of PET-E4140. "PET-M E7075" provides good puncture and flex crack resistance. This metallized, hi-adhesion, ultra-high yield polyester film exhibits the following features:

  • Improved metal adhesion to the base sheet and good water resistance for use in liquid packaging or boilable sterilized applications
  • Excellent gas, moisture and light barriers
  • Improved adhesion on the non-metallized side due to optional corona treatment
  • Excellent dimensional stability reduces film shrinkage during processing

Typical Properties

Properties   Unit Typical Value Test Method
Physical Density g/cm3 1.4 ASTM D 1505
Haze % 2.8 ASTM D 1003
Tensile Strength MD kg/mm2 >15 ASTM D 882
TD >15
Elongation MD % >60 ASTM D 882
TD >60
Tensile Modulus MD kg/mm2 380 ASTM D 882
TD 410
Impact Strength kg/cm    
  Co-efficient of Friction

(23C, 65% RH)

Static F/F

Dymanic F/F

>0.34 ASTM D 1894
  Thermal Shrinkage

(150C, Air 30 min)

MD %   ASTM D 1204
Barrier WVTR

(40C, 90% RH)

g/m2 24 hrs 1.0 ASTM D 96
  Oxygen Transmission

(20C, 0% RH)

cc/m2 24 hrs 1.0 ASTM D 2985
Optical Ultra Violet Transmission %   Spectrometer
Visible Light Transmission %   ASTM D 1003
Gloss (60) (Metal Side) %   ASTM D 523
Metal Thickness A >500 Conduct Meter (Hitachi CDM-3)
Optical Density % 2.5 - 3.0 Macbeth TD904
Laminate Peel Bond Strength gf/15mm before boiling 300 Vs Metallized Plain PET = 100
  gf/15mm before boiling @ 95C 30 min 160 Vs Metallized Plain PET = Delamination

Note: The technical data contained herein are guides to the use of Phoenix films and are based upon tests and information believed to be reliable. Users should not rely upon it absolutely for specific applications. Phoenix Films makes no guarantees of results and assumes no obligation or liability in connection with its advice. This data is not be taken as a license to operate under, or recommendation to infringe, any patents.

F.D.A. STATUS: PET films sold by Phoenix for food and medical packaging uses comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as amended.


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