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Synthetic Paper for Printing

Phoenix "HDPE PLAS-PAPER" is a printable single-layer, white opaque polyolefin film which is tough, durable and abrasion resistant. PLAS PAPER utilizes a proprietary blend of plastic resins and fillers to provide a uniformly consistent synthetic paper which won't curl, peel or separate in processing or final use. Printing can be performed using offset, letterpress, gravure, flexographic, inkjet and screen processes. It can be used for products such as in-mold labels, tags and labels, banners and signs, booklets and book covers, maps, charts, envelopes, menus and decals. It has the following features:

Typical Properties

Properties Unit Test Method Typical Values
Type     SP60 SP80 SP100
Gauge mils ASTM D 374 2.4 3.2 4
Yield in2/lb   9600 7200 5750
Whitness % D 1003 92 92 91
Gloss % D 1003 6 6 6
Tensile Strength lb/in ASTM D 1004 MD 4 5 6
TD 3 4 5
Elongation % ASTM D 1004 MD 400 420 440
TD 400 200 150
Tear Resistance Notched gms ASTM D 1004 MD 19 26 32
Surface Resistivity ohms/square 15% RH ohmeter 3 . 10" 3 x 10" 3 x 10"
Seal Strength gm/inch instron 625 625 625

The information above is believed to be reliable and accurate but is presented without guarantee on our part. Nothing herein is intended as a recommendation for use of our product in infringemenet of any patient. It is the customer's responsibility to conduct his own tests to determine the acceptability of this film for his application.


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