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35 - 48 Gauge Chemically Pre-Treated Polyester Film

Phoenix "PET PK" is a biaxially oriented polyester film with chemical pre-treatment on one side to improve its printability and adhesion. It offers high tensile strength, good dimensional stability and high heat resistance. This higher adhesion polyester may be rotogravure or flexographically printed with ordinary solvent and water base ink systems. "PET PK" provides excellent bond strength and is intended for either adhesive or extrusion lamination. It has the following features:

  • High gloss and excellent surface smoothness
  • Strong adhesive bonding
  • High tensile strength and low elongation
  • Proper slip and stiffness for good machineability
  • Excellent heat resistance and dimensional stability

Typical Properties

Properties Unit Test Method Typical Values
Nominal Thickness Mils Micrometer PK=0.35 Mil PK10=0.39 Mil PK12=0.48 Mil
Yield in2/lb   55,600 in2 51,250 in2 41,600 in2
Haze % ASTM D 1003 1.7 2.0 2.3
Tensile Strength Kg/mm2 ASTM D 882 MD 19 MD 19 MD 19
TD 20 TD 20 TD 20
Elongation at Break % ASTM D 882 MD 130 MD 130 MD 130
TD 110 TD 110 TD 110
MVTR Gm/m2/24 hr ASTM E96-80 38C - 90% RH 67 58 50
Oxygen Permeability cc/m2/24 hr ASTM E96-80 38C - 90% RH 170 150 120
Co-efficient of Friction   ASTM D 1894 Static 0.5 Static 0.5 Static 0.5
Dynamic 0.4 Dynamic 0.4 Dynamic 0.4

PK type is not suitable for sterilization and liquid applications.

Width Minimum 400mm (15.75"), Maximum 2,220mm (86.6")
Roll Length (48 Gauge) 18,000mm (59,000'), 24,000mm (79,000')
Core Diameter 76mm (3"), 152mm (6")
Tolerances Thickness + 5%, Width +2mm, Length +5%

Note: These values are preliminary data for "PK" polyester film and are not intended for use as limiting specifications.

F.D.A. Status: Polyester film sold by Phoenix for good packaging use comply with U.S.Food and Drug Administration requirements under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as amended.

The technical data contained herein are guides to the use of Phoenix films and are based upon tests and information believed to be reliable. Users should not rely upon it absolutely for specific applications. Phoenix Films makes no guarantees of results and assumes no obligation or liability in connection with its advice. This data is not be be taken as license to operate under, or recommendation to infringe, any patents.


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