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36 Gauge Polyester Film

Phoenix "PET SK9A" is an economical, biaxially oriented polyester film made in Taiwan for laminating, coating and metallizing applications. It is available with or without corona treatment on one side in widths from 12" - 84" and gauges from 0.35 - 2.0 mil. This cost effective PET film offers high tensile strength, good dimensional stability and high heat resistance. "PET SK9A," the 35 gauge PET, can be used for adhesive or extrusion lamination and has the following features:

  • Good gloss and surface smoothness
  • High tensile strength and low elongation
  • Proper slip for good machinability
  • Excellent heat resistance and good dimensional stability

Typical Properties

Properties Unit Value Test Method
Nominal Thickness Mils 0.35 Mil Micrometer
Density g/cm3 1.396 ASTM D 1505
Haze % <3.5 ASTM D 1003
Gloss % @ 60 >130 ASTM D 2457
Tensile Strength kg/mm2 MD > 19 ASTM D 882
TD > 19
Elongation at Break % MD 11535 ASTM D 882
TD 11535
Tensile Modulus Min Value kgf/mm2 MD 380 ASTM D 882
TD 380
F5 Value Min Value kgf/mm2 MD 9 ASTM D 882
TD 9
Tear Strength (Propagated) grams MD 2.5 ASTM D 1938
TD 2.5
Co-efficient of Friction (Film/Film) Static <0.5 ASTM D 1894
Dynamic <0.5
Shrinkage %@150C, Air 30 min MD<2 ASTM D 1204
TD <1
WVTR g/m2 - 24hrs 67 ASTM E 96
Oxygen Permeability cc/m2 - 24 hrs 170 ASTM D 1434

Note: The technical data contained herein are guides to the use of Phoenix films and are based upon tests and information believed to be reliable. Users should not rely upon it absolutely for specific applications. Phoenix Films makes no guarantees of results and assumes no obligation or liability in connection with its advice. This data is not be be taken as license to operate under, or recommendation to infringe, any patents.

F.D.A. Status: Polyester film sold by Phoenix for good packaging use comply with U.S.Food and Drug Administration requirements under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as amended.


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