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Abbreviation: FB

Five Barrier

Five Barrier is a new type of 5-layer high barrier film and an upgrade of the 3-layer high barrier film. This multi-layer tubular film has transparency, luster and excellent strength. Above all it has other high functional characteristics such as oxygen barrier which makes it suitable for deoxidizing agents packing.

Characteristics of Five Barrier

  • High gas barrier

Compared with nylon-6, it has barrier characteristics 4 times stronger, making vacuum packing possible.

  • Transparency and luster

A high barrier tube film has high product value enhanced by the superb transparency and luster that only our original technology can offer.

  • Boiling

It has excellent resistance to Cold temperature as well as to boiling process:

For fluids: 80C within 30 minutes

For non-fluids: 90C within 40 minutes

  • Environment friendly

It is earth friendly and generates no toxic gas when incinerated.has excellent durability against oil and gasoline.


Uses of Five Barriers

  • Confectioneries

Packing for sponge cake, baum kuchen, bean-jam pancake, manju, (bun with a bean-jam filling) cookie, boxed confectionery, etc. (Either ageless packed or gas charge packed).

  • Marine Products

Ageless packing for salmon, herring roe, Alaska pollack, etc.

  • Others

Laboratory dish, caulking agent, pet food, etc.

  • Agricultural Products

Ageless packing for cut rice cakes, pizza crust, half-cooked noodles, Chinese bamboo shoots, raw bread crumbs, coffee, dried persimmon, etc. Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) edible wild plants, miso, etc.

  • Livestock Products

Deoxidizer or gas charged packing for salami, chicken nugget, cheese, sliced ham, smoked products, etc.

  • Be sure to perform testing in the actual product form and check the quality and function before putting into actual use. In particular, when using this for products with projection, it is necessary to select Five Barrier with sufficient thickness.
  • It it not suitable for retort or microwave oven. When warming in a microwave oven, lease open the package before doing so.
  • Use within 6 months from the delivery date.
  • Do not expose to sunlight, and keep in a dry place. For storage, avoid stacking sideways or piling up.


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