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Abbreviation: PU


Urethanex, a polyurethane product of Ozaki Kei-Kagaku Co., Ltd., is a film with no tackiness and soft touch formed from thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer.

Characteristics of Urethanex

  • Abrasion resistance and piercing strength

As compared with other resins, it shows excellent wear (abrasion) resistance. Piercing strength is amazingly high.

  • Flexibility and elasticity

It has excellent flexibility and elasticity and is soft to the touch. It does not change greatly even under low temperature ambiance.

  • Moisture permeability

As compared with other rubbers and plastics, it has extremely high moisture permeability. This does not permeate water but permeates moisture.

  • Oil resistance

It has excellent durability against oil and gasoline.

  • Lamination of various base materials

In accordance with various purposes, lamination with woven fabrics, unwoven fabrics, paper, and plastics is processable. Heat sealing and sealing by high frequency welder can be done easily.

  • Non-tackiness

Owing to our original processing technology, Urethanex is non-tackiness. It is not required to combine with mold releasing paper which requires higher cost.


Uses of Urethanex

  • Consumer goods
  • General goods

Arm cover, watch band, protection gloves, waist belt

  • Industrial materials

Conveyor belt for transportation, oil fence, life boat, tent, shelter tent

  • Clothing

Ski wear, apron, rainwear, sweat suits

  • Special clothing

Life jacket

Automobiles Urethane foam casting
Office Chair
  • Medical supplies

Surgical tape, dressing material

OA equipment, other electric, electronic instruments, cover film for keyboards for audio equipment.


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