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Technical Information

Description VS is a single structure rigid Poly Vinyl Chloride film designed for general shrink applications.
Advantages High clarity and gloss
  Good gas barrier
  Provides a tight and clear wrap
Applications For general cassette overwraps
  For general stationary overwraps
Standard Thickness VS - 20, VS - 25, VS - 30


Properties Unit Test Method Typical Values
Tensile Strength MD N/mm2 ASTM D882 55
TD 50
Elongation MD % ASTM D882 230
TD 240
Elasticity Modulus MD N/mm2 ASTM D882 2200
TD 2100
Impact Resistance kg.cm ASTM D1709 4.0
Coefficient of Friction kg/cm ASTM D1894 0.40
Density g/cm3 ASTM D792 1.31
Gloss       ASTM D2457 90
Haze % ASTM D1003 2.5
MVTR   g/m2/24hrs ASTM E95-66 50
38C, 90% RH
Gas O2   cm3/m2/atm/24 hrs   190
Permeability N2 ASTM D1434 130
  CO2   650
Thermal MD   % ASTM D1204 17
Shrinkage TD 17


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