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OPP - SO - 202

Oriented Polypropylene Matte Surface Film

Phoenix "OPP-SO-202" is a single layer, biaxially oriented polypropylene film with matte finish on one side. Manufactured under clean room, contaminant free conditions, it is designed for uses where low gloss, high haze, low surface tack and uniform matte thickness are required. SO-202 is intended for use in release liner, sheet separator and lamination end uses. SO-202 has the following features:

  • High strength and stiffness
  • Superior roll conformation
  • Good differential slip surfaces
  • Extremely uniform matte surface

Typical Properties

Properties Unit Test Method Typical Values



Micrometer 15u




Yield in2/lb   52550 25150
Haze % ASTM D 1003-61 65+10 65+10
Gloss % ASTM D 1003-61    
Tensile Strength MD kg/cm2 ASTM D 882-75b 11,000+2 11,000+2
TD 21,000+3 21,000+3
Elongation MD % ASTM D 882-75b 190+30 250
TD 40+20 40+20
Tesile Modulus MD kg/cm2 ISO R1184 21000 21000
TD 43000 43000
Coefficient of friction matte/matteOP/OP ASTM D 1894-75 0.25+0.15 0.25+1.15
0.60+0.20 0.60+0.20
Shrinkage MD % ASTM D 1204 3.0+1 3.0+1
TD 1.5+1 1.5+1

The information above is believed to be reliable and accurate but is presented without guarantee on our part. Nothing herein is intended as a recommendation for use of our product in infringement of any patent.


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