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OPP - CB-690

Heat Sealable Oriented Polypropylene Film

Phoenix "OPP-CB--690" is a co-extruded, controlled shrinkage, heat sealable, biaxially oriented polypropylene film designed for high speed over-wrapping of video, audio and compact discs. It is available with treatment inside (CB690) or outside (CB693). CB690 and CB693 offer the proper slip, heat shrinkage and heat seal properties required for printed and plain films used on older and new model over-wrapping machines. Both films have the following features:

  • Optimum shrink for minimum print distortion
  • High gloss surface for brilliant package appearance
  • Outstanding anti-static effect for minimal dust attraction
  • Proper slip for good machinability
  • Wide heat seal range and strong seals

Typical Properties

Properties Unit Test Method Typical Values



Micrometer 25


Yield m2/kg


Tensile Strength MD kg/mm2 ASTM D 1003-61 65+10


Elongation MD % ASTM D 882-75b 159
TD 46
Tesile Modulus MD kg/mm2 ISO R1184A 180
TD 380
Gloss   % ASTM D 1003-61 140.0
Haze   % ASTM D 1003-61 1.9
Coefficient of friction dynamic ASTM D 1894-75 inside 0.16
outside 0.19
static ASTM D 1894-75 inside 0.16
inside 0.16
Shrinkage MD %120C,15 min. JIS-K6782 5.0
TD 7.0
Wetting Tension   dyne/cm ASTM D2578-67 treated side 40
Heat seal Strength gm/inch



JIS Z1707 125C 306 (357)
130C 340 (408)
140C 374 (476)
150C 476 (510)

The information above is believed to be reliable and accurate but is presented without guarantee on our part. Nothing herein is intended as a recommendation for use of our product in infringement of any patent.


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