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Abbreviation: TNY

Chilled Nylon
By Ozaki


Chilled Nylon is a product with stable quality developed as film for packing chilled meat. Our customers will feel satisfied with this multi-layer tubular film for vacuum packing.


Characteristics of Chilled Nylon

  • Flexibility

This film does not harden under chilly conditions and the flexibility in film offers fine workability.

  • High gas barrier

A nylon layer vulnerable to moister is in the middle of the three layer structure, which keeps gas barrier characteristic stable with hardly any moister influence

  • Little vacuum leakage

Pin holes which cause vacuum leakage do not appear by being subjected to coldness.

  • Economic cost

Due to great reduction of loss rate, it is economic from the total cost point of view.


Uses of Chilled Nylon

  • Food packing

1) Vacuum packing of raw meat

2) vacuum packing of processed meat

3) Vacuum packing of broiler

4) Natural cheese, butter, etc.

  • Non-food packing

1) vacuum packing of textiles and cushions

2) Vacuum packing of machine parts

3) Medical supplies

4)Fertilizers, feed, etc.


  • Be sure to perform testing in the actual product form and check the quality and function before putting in to actual use. In particular, when using this for products with projection, it is necessary to select five barrier with sufficient thickness.

  • It is not suitable for retort or microwave oven. When warming in microwave oven, please open package before doing so

  • Use within six months of delivery date

  • Do not dispose to sunlight, and keep in a dry place. For storage, avoid stacking sideways or piling up.


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