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Abbreviation: NYS

Triple Nylon Soft

By Ozaki

Triple Nylon Soft is a multi-layer tubular film with improved heat sealability as compared with general purpose type Triple Nylon.


Characteristics of Triple Nylon

  • High gas barrier

The application of nylon-6 resins with gas barrier characteristics has made vacuum packing possible.

(Barrier characteristic is the same level as Triple Nylon)

  • Internal adhesion

With the application of ionomer resin, internal adhesion by melting is possible by boiling at a temperature of 80oC.

  • Strength

It has incomparable strength with single layer transparent packing materials such as polyethylene and PP.

  • Flexibility

The film has high elongation as well as tearing strength which offer flexibility as well as soft touch.

  • Heat seal

With application of ionomer in the sealant layer, it has excellent sealability with impurities and it is easy to heat seal.

  • Printing

With use of ink for nylons, printing can be done easily.


Uses of Triple Nylon Soft

  • Cooked food products

Chinese salad, pot-steamed hotchpotch.

  • Marine products

Oiled scallop, salt water herring, roe

  • Livestock products

Terrine, roastpork, bacon, salami, ham, sausage, etc.

  • Chemicals

chemicals, parts


  • Be sure to perform testing in the actual product form and check the quality and function before putting in to actual use. In particular, when using this for products with projection, it is necessary to select five barrier with sufficient thickness.

  • It is not suitable for retort or microwave oven. When warming in microwave oven, please open package before doing so

  • Use within six months of delivery date

  • Do not dispose to sunlight, and keep in a dry place. For storage, avoid stacking sideways or piling up.


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