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Non-Oriented Nylon-6 Film

Characteristic Features

1) As DIAMIRON-C excels in heat forming property, deep drawing attains a fine finish with ease.

2) Being a very tough film, DIAMIRON-C can sufficiently stand any outside impact.

3)DIAMIRON-C exhibits an outstanding oxygen barrier property which contributes to a longer life of the packaged products.

5) Excellent fabricability of DIAMIRON-C finds its way into a wide variety of secondary fabrication.


1) Deep-drawn Vacuum Packaging

  • Processed meat: frankfurter, luncheon meat, sausage, sliced ham, bacon, salami, etc.
  • Fresh meat: Refrigerated beef, broilers, etc.
  • Dairy products: sliced cheese, natural cheese, butter, etc.
  • Refrigerated fishery products: refrigerated shrimp, fish, shellfish, oysters, etc.

2) Liquid Packaging (Bag in Box): soy sauce, vinegar, sake, Worcester sauce, etc.

3) Bag Packaging: miso, bacon, etc.

4)Machine Parts: bearings, motor parts, car parts, welding rods etc.

5)Medical Application: syringe, medical appliances


Test Items Units Temp. R.H. DIAMIRON-C DIAMIRON-C/PE (25M/60M) Test Method
M.D. T.D. M.D. T.D.
Elongation % 20oC 65% 300 320 320 350 JIS-K-6781
Tensile Strength kg/cm2 20oC 65% 780 380 380 360 JIS-K-6781
Modules of Elasticity in tension kg/cm2 20oC 65% 6000




  Inston type autograph
Tear Strength kg/cm 20oC 65% 200 220 130 100 JIS-K-6781
Elmendorf Tear Strength g/cm 20oC 65% 17 16 12 no break JIS-Z-1702
Missile Impact Strength kg-cm 20oC 65% Unmeasurable due to elongation 112.3 ASTM-D1709
Coefficient of Static Friction Base film-Base film 20oC 65% 0.6-0.7 0.6-0.7 Partial movement
Base film-Aluminum sheet 20oC 65% 0.3-0.4 0.3-0.4 Mitsubishi Plastics method
Haze % 20oC 65% 4.5 11-15 Haze meter
Electrification c/cm2 20oC 65% 7.0x10-11   7 KV 5 sec
Water Vapor Permeability g/m2/24hr     330-340 10-13 JIS-Z-0208
Oxygen Permeability cc/cm2     40 39 Seikaken method
Specific Gravity g/cm2     1.4    
Melting Point oC     215    
Working Temperature oC     -60o~130o    


In the above table, M.D. represents "Machine Direction".

DIAMIRON-C and polyethylene layer is laminated by dry lamination.

All of the above figures represent the results of systematic tests carried out at our laboratories, and under no circumstances should they be taken as guaranteed.

Standard Sizes
Thickness Width Length
20 1,030 mm or less 2,000 M
25 1,030 mm or less 2,000 M
30 1,030 mm or less 2,000 M
40 1,060 mm or less 2,000 M
50 1,060 mm or less 1,000 M
60 1,060mm or less 1,000 M
70 1,060mm or less 1,000 M
80 1,060mm or less 1,000 M
100 1,060mm or less 1,000 M
150 1,060mm or less 500 M



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