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Abbreviation: BN

Best Nylon


Best Nylon is a a 5-layer tubular film and an upgrade of Triple Nylon. Its double nylon layer has greatly improved the pin hole resistance during chilly weather, offering increased reliability during frozen transportation!


Characteristics of Best Nylon

  • Pinhole resistance under low temperature

Because it is a 5-layer co-extruded film, it has excellent resistance to pin hole under frozen or chilly environment, securing further safety for distribution.

  • Soft and strong

With the double nylon layer, it has flexibility and tough characteristics never seen in former products.

  • Boiling

It has excellent resistance to cold temperature as well as to boiling process just as the general purpose type triple nylon.

  • Transparency and luster

The surface nylon gives superb transparency and luster which greatly enhances its product value.


Uses of Best Nylon

  • Fish products

1) Vacuum packing of fish=smoked salmon, salmon fillet, slices, etc.

2) Airtight vacuum packing of overnight dried fish.

3) Frozen scallops,shelled short-necked clam, clam, etc.

4) Crab, lobster, etc.

  • Meat products

1)Bacon for commercial use, sausage with bones,smoked tongue

2)Vacuum packing of chicken for commercial use,grilled chicken,etc..

  • Agricultural products

1) general frozen foods pumpkin, corn, etc.

  • Cooked foods

Sauces and frozen cooked foods.

  • Others

Industrial parts etc.


  • Be sure to perform testing in the actual product form and check the quality and function before putting in to actual use. In particular, when using this for products with projection, it is necessary to select five barrier with sufficient thickness.

  • It is not suitable for retort or microwave oven. When warming in microwave oven, please open package before doing so

  • Use within six months of delivery date

  • Do not dispose to sunlight, and keep in a dry place. For storage, avoid stacking sideways or piling up.


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