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Abbreviation: NYL

Triple Nylon Leak

Triple Nylon Leak is a clean transparent multi-layer tubular film developed by our accumulated technology and experience and has electrostatic-proof effect and excellent barrier characteristic.


Characteristics of Triple Nylon Leak

  • Electric properties

With special polyethylene in the inner layer, excellent electric property is obtained.

  • Cleanness inside the bag

There is no such bleeding as impurities which may be harmful to the content

  • Transparency and touch

The film is transparent, giving clear vision of the content.

Its exclusive touch distinguishes itself from other products.

  • High gas barrier

The application of nylon-6 resins with gas barrier characteristics has made vacuum packing possible.

  • Piercing strength

With its excellent piercing strength as compared with the PE type it shows great performance in packing products with projections such as PCBs and electronic parts

(The below values indicate piercing strength from the inside of the bag.)

Piercing strength table

Triple Nylon Leak

PE (Electrostatic-proof type product of other companies)

Piercing strength (g)




Uses of Triple Nylon Leak

1) Fields where electrostatic-proof effect required for avoiding static electricity inside the bag.Semi-conductor, PCB, and electronic parts.

2) Fields where impurities such as slip agents should be avoided inside the bag. Electronic parts, related parts in general.

3) Fields where more strength is required in addition to (1) and (2). For PE single phase, the case where strength is a problem.


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