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Abbreviation: TNYH

Chilled Nylon Hard


Chilled Nylon Hard is a multi-layer tubular film with improved in strength under chilly condition such as refrigeration and freezing as compared with former surface nylon type.


Characteristics of Chilled Nylon Hard

  • High gas barrier

The application of nylon-6 resins with gas barrier characteristics to the middle layer has made vacuum packing possible.

  • Transparency

It has superb transparency and luster which greatly enhance its product value.

  • Strength

The strength under chilly conditions has greatly improved from former surface nylon type.

  • Printing

Surface treatment is applied on the original roll for printing to give beautiful printing finish.

(Surface treatment ink for PE is recommended)

*For the original roll of printing , please mention about it at ordering.

  • Flexibility

The film has high elongation as well as tearing strength and is soft to the touch.


Uses of Chilled Nylon hard

  • Fish products

1) Vacuum packing of fish:

salmon, red salmon, herring

raw oyster, etc.

2) Vacuum packing of frozen

minced fish.

3) Packing of seaweeds

  • Meat products

1) Vacuum packing of processed meat: bacon, sausage, etc.

2) Vacuum packing of broiler

3) Vacuum packing of raw meat: beef, pork, etc.

  • Dairy products

1)Natural cheese, butter, etc.

  • Agricultural products

1) Vacuum packing and heated packing of pickled vegetables and delicatessen

2) Vacuum packing and heated packing of konnyaku (devil's tongue) and gelidium jelly, etc.

3) Vacuum packing of frozen pumpkin, corns etc.

4) Vacuum packing of almonds, coffee beans, etc.

5) Gas charged packing of rice, beans, etc.

  • Cooked food products

1) Chinese meat dumpling, shao-mai, rice with red beans, sushi, pot steamed hotch-potch, etc.

  • Chemicals, mechanical parts

1) Packing of chemicals

2) packing of parts


  • Be sure to perform testing in the actual product form and check the quality and function before putting in to actual use. In particular, when using this for products with projection, it is necessary to select five barrier with sufficient thickness.

  • It is not suitable for retort or microwave oven. When warming in microwave oven, please open package before doing so

  • Use within six months of delivery date

  • Do not dispose to sunlight, and keep in a dry place. For storage, avoid stacking sideways or piling up.


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